Day 11: Tokyo Disneyland

Today Handsworth and Inage students all met up outside of Tokyo Disneyland early in the morning.  They spent a full day in the park together before returning to their host family’s home.

Tomorrow, Handsworth students will be spending Sunday with their host families doing different activities.  Rumor has it that some students may be going Tokyo Disneyland’s sister park, Disney Sea.  We’ll look forward to hearing about all the different things students got up to during the weekend on Monday.  There will be no blog post for Sunday, but look for an update on Monday, our final day in Japan before flying home on Tuesday.

IMG_3427 IMG_3434 IMG_3439 IMG_3446 IMG_0804 IMG_0826


One thought on “Day 11: Tokyo Disneyland

  1. What a wonderful exsperience for you and your school mates, Ryan! It has been fun following all of you on your teachers’ excellent commentaries and pictures each day. Safe trip home to all. Lola and Bill Wheeler

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