Day 9: Chiba

Today students returned to Inage High School with stories of their first night at their home-stay.  What the house was like, what they had for dinner and what the commute was to and from school and home were all topics shared.

Students attended homeroom class where they introduced themselves.  We then all promptly hopped on a bus for our tour of Chiba.  The first stop was Qiball, a sort of Japanese version of Science World.  Here students learned all sorts of scientific know-how and wizardry from how a car works, to the science of an earthquake, to even participating in challenges which tested their brain power.

Our second stop was a formal visit to the reception chamber of the Mayor of Chiba.  This was our official visit as representatives of North Vancouver.  Speeches were made, gifts exchanged and students had the opportunity to engage in a Q&A session with the mayor himself.  Afterwards, commemorative photos were taken and a few of the students, Charlie, Grace and Copeland were even interviewed by local TV and newspapers about their experiences in Japan.

Lunch was spent in a brand new mega-mall that just opening in Chiba in December.  It was enormous!  Students were able to find some gifts for home and grab some food before returning to the bus.

Our last activity of the day was back at the school where students participated in Ikebana, or traditional flower arrangement.  The three finest examples of flower arrangement were chosen by the teacher, and they were from Karina, Lucas and Connor.  All the students were able to take their arrangements home to their host families.

Tonight is another exciting night with the host families, and tomorrow is our first chance to explore the huge metropolis that is Tokyo!

IMG_3239 IMG_3243 IMG_3244 IMG_3254 IMG_3261 IMG_3263 IMG_3278 IMG_3307 IMG_3315 IMG_3325 IMG_3329 IMG_3331 IMG_3342 IMG_3358 IMG_3364 IMG_3368


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